Who We Are

We are a writers' collective based in H.C. Andersen's Odense working to further ourselves by embracing our art. We are a group of internationals from diverse backgrounds enjoying the hyggelig culture of Denmark. We do not write primarily to become published; we embrace writing because it feeds the soul. Nor do we limit ourselves to any one medium: we craft poetry and prose, literature and genre work, short stories and not-so-short stories, creative non-fiction, journalling & more.

Since October, 2018 Write, Odense has brought together writers of all ilks. We meet roughly twice a month to share our inspiration, try some social scribbling and offer critique - often alongside some delicious coffee and cake! We're a friendly bunch and open to new writers, whether you plan to attend just one session or more. Please note that our main language is English. If you are interested in participating (or would like to become a contributor), please say 'Hej' using the Contact page!

What is a Writer's Workshop?