Needless to say, we are not meeting face-to-face at this unprecedented moment in modern history. However, we will take the opportunity to expand to include tips, tricks and inspiration for all writers everywhere free of charge. If you wish to contribute, please get in touch.

Who We Are

We are a writers' collective based in H.C. Andersen's Odense working to further ourselves by embracing our art. We are a group of internationals from diverse backgrounds enjoying the 'hyggelig' culture of Denmark. We do not write primarily to become published; we embrace writing because it feeds the soul. Nor do we limit ourselves to any one medium: we craft poetry and prose, literature and genre work, short stories and not-so-short stories, creative non-fiction, journalling & more.

Write, Odense was started by Sarah Fisher (MA Creative Writing), who moved to Fyn in 2018. Since October, 2018 the idea has brought together writers of all ilks. We meet roughly twice a month to share our inspiration, try some social scribbling and offer critique - often alongside some delicious coffee and cake! We're a friendly bunch and open to new writers, whether you plan to attend just one session or more. Please note that our main language is English. If you are interested in participating (or would like to become a contributor), please say 'Hej' using the Contact page!

Writing in the time of Coronavirus

It’s early days and of this we must remind ourselves: despite the sudden emergence of online ‘experts’ popping up like narcissi in spring, nobody really knows what's going to happen, which lays the perfect ground for anxiety to breed. In such circumstances, creative writing seems superfluous. There are surely better ways to spend your time: learning hydroponics, for example, building toilet paper castles, or tracking down homeschooling printables on Instagram.


While a few introverts are excited to “have space”, others are frantically worried about cash flow. Such legitimate concerns take up a lot of brain space like an urban garden crowded out with weeds. Weeds are useful, however. You can make salads out of them. Perhaps we should worry less about aesthetics and concentrate on all things practical? Yet it’s now that writing brings us the most benefits, and it’s now society needs the creative arts. Continue Reading>

What is a Writer's Workshop?

As a noun, a workshop is a place of work, but it's also a meeting where craftsmen hone their skill, where artists congregate to practice their art. As a verb (as in "we workshopped Julie's piece") it is sociable in nature, even if one-to-one. Creative writing is, in direct contrast to storytelling, a lone pursuit: something we do when no one else is looking, which is not to say it doesn’t have a performative element. It does. If ritual and performance are related, many writers have a ritual of sorts, even if only sipping a particular brand of tea; I personally require just the right level of white noise, usually involving the hiss of a coffee machine. Continue Reading>